CVC Catheter (Central Venus Catheter)

Brand Name : ClearCath
A central venous catheter is a catheter placed into a large vein in the neck (internal jugular vein), chest (subclavian vein or axillary vein) or groin (femoral vein). It is used to administer medication or fluids,  that are unable to be taken by mouth , obtain blood tests (specifically the “central venous oxygen saturation”), and measure central venous pressure.

Reasons for the use of central lines include:
• Long-term intravenous antibiotics
• Long-term parenteral nutrition, especially in chronically ill persons
• Long-term pain medications
• Chemotherapy


Componets provided in our standard CVC catheter Kit:

– Normal syringe
– Hypodermic Needle
– Y shaped Introducer needle
– Guidewire
– CVC Catheter ( triple lumen )
– Dilator
– Scalpel blade


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