Introducer Needles

Brand Name: ClearNeedle
A Needle is used to puncture the site to reach the vessel directly in one shot. Usually, a better practitioner inserts this needle into the correct vessel by maintaining the correct (30-45 degrees) angle.

Categories: Cardiology, Nephrology, Other Surgical Products


Features –

Smooth surface: Less friction, Consistent performance, Smoother , frictionless insertion reduce vessel trauma and pain,

Needle Tip: Better sharpness in the tip Less insertion force required to introduce the needle in seldinger technique.

Better Metal surface: Flawless surface of cannula made of SS304v Lesser insertion force required & as it is ss 304 it is safe.

Thin Wall: Better Inner diameter. It helps to get a better Inner diameter of cannula provides more space.

Biocompatible: From Metal to coating everting is medical grade Material that is bio compatible is more trustworthy for medical use.

Polymer coating: Polymer-coated cannula Help in Smoother penetration

Hub Type: Available in Square Hub, and Round Hub Option to have hub as per clinician requirement

Price factor: Better in the market, (Available in Two Price bands) Cost efficient for Hospital and end-user (Patient)

Size Availability: Gauge Available 18 G and 20G (ped) We can have various types of Needle , can match every size requirement of the clinician.


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