The EvroPlus Everolimus eluting stent system is a combination product comprised of two regulated components: a device (a coronary stent system) and a drug product (a formulation of Everolimus contained in a polymer coating) pre-mounted on a balloon catheter between two GOLD 18K / Platinum Iridium radio-opaque marker bands.



EvroPlus Everolimus stent is a coating consisting of a blend of Everolimus drug (the active ingredient) and biodegradable polymers (the inactive ingredient).

Everolimus is a Macrocyclic lactone produced by Streptomyces hygroscopicus.

EvroPlus has proven drug release kinetics Initial Burst Release of 30% to 40% Everolimus in the first week followed by sustained release up to 90 days to maintain therapeutic Everolimus drug concentration to optimize the anti-tissue proliferative action.


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