ClearEmbo is safe,easy to guide for removing flesh, nonadherent, soft emboli, thrombi and blockages from arterial vessels.The userfriendly features start with this catheter’s ability to accommodate a larger-than-average Guidewire, which helps simplify and speed insertion. The entire over-the-wire balloon catheter is engineered from flexible, kink-resistant polyurethane.

Categories: Cardiology, Peripheral Vascular Devices


• Balloon of our Embolectomy catheters are manufactured in this manner that it is resistant to rupture
during process.
• Constructed with durable material which help to withstand a substantial force before the balloon
• Embolectomy Catheters are colour coded to visually segregate various French Sizes. These are packed in
strong plastic shell type casing.
• The balloons inflate at a consistent rate as the volume of the balloon increases.
• NewtechEmbolectomy Catheters comes with stainless stylet for easier insertion of the catheter.


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