Brand Name: ClearKit
PTCA Kit is a complete customized package of medical equipment required for the purpose of angioplasty (cardiological process). It is made up of high-quality medical grade material. The standard PTCA Kit mainly contains high pressure tubing (50 cm), IV set (vented & non-vented), blunt needle, haemostatic Y connector, pressure monitoring line (50 & 100 cm), torque devices, control syringes, manifold 3 ports.




Ensures safe and convenient usage
Highly demanded by surgeons and physicians worldwide
Durable quality
PTCA Kit is used for Angioplasty Procedure.

Our standard PTCA Kit consists of:

Hemostatic Y connector.
3 port Manifold.
Control Syringe.
Pressure Monitoring line 50cm &100cm.
Torque Device.
Blunt Needle.
High Pressure Tubing 50cm.
IV Set Non Vented.
IV Set Vented.

Key points:

Easy-to-use kit
Highly sterilized
Can be used in emergencies


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