PCN Clear – PCN Catheter with Trocar

Features & Advantages:

Used for the temporary or permanent drainage.
Avoids having to insert a needle and catheter separately i.e. one after the other.
Highly radiopaque for better visualization.
Soft and flexible material for patient’s comfort.
Durable with superior bio-compatibility.
Our PCN Catheters are made as per international standards to provide you with premium quality. In addition, we have a qualified R&D team to ensure the products are consistently being made with utmost precision to provide you with the safest solutions.

The PCN Catheter with Trocar is made of high quality medical grade polyurethane. Both are supplied in a sterile peel-open package and are intended for one-time use only.

Category: Urology



Urology’s PCN Catheter is used for temporary or permanent drainage & Irrigation of urine from the kidney by direct Puncture in the presence of distal obstruction.

The catheter provides temporary drainage of urine from the kidney, and it is also known as Mono J Stent, Pigtail Nephrostomy catheter or pigtail drainage catheter.


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