Introducer Sheath & Kit

Newtech Medical Devices Introducer Sheath offers you a blend of flexibility, support and visualization, the capability you need to respond to your challenging cases.

How the Newtech Medical Devices Sheath Works:

Coronary catheterization is a minimally invasive procedure to access the coronary circulation using a catheter. The procedure uses a special dye that visualizes the blood flow through the heart. The procedure begins with access to the Introducer Sheath artery. A needle is inserted through the skin into the femoral artery. The needle is withdrawn until a flash of blood appears.



Features & Advantages:

Smooth Transitions

Smooth transitions facilities easer the entry with lower insertion force.
Improved kink resistance and lubricity enhance push ability while maintaining devices integrity.
Long, gradually tapered tip reduces potential for vessel trauma.

Easy Operation

Innovative dilator/hub twist‐lock for safety and security during insertion.
Translucent hub allows visibility.
Rotating suture wing allows for sheath securement.

Advance Tip to Dilator Transitions

We use innovative radiofrequency shape technique which provides excellent tip to dilator transition, this helps in getting smooth insertion into the vessel.


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