Aspiration Catheter

Brand Name: ClearHunter
It features a large aspiration lumen to facilitate quick aspiration of emboli and thrombi (unit of thrombus) from vessels of the arterial system.
The catheter is stainless steel wire braided and comprised of three distinct stiffness to resist kinking and to navigate tortuous anatomy.
The tapered tip and hydrophilic coating allow for smooth catheter transition and ease of use.
Categories: Cardiology, Peripheral Vascular Devices


Features –

Better Tip design :Clear Hunter has better optimized tip design in compare to leading brands. It’s Smooth tip design increases the deliverability.
Excellent and unique Hydrophilic coating Better hydrophilic coating on the surface of catheter Better Optimal traceability due to this unique coating.
Innovative Shaft Excellent Pushablity which Improves the working experience of the operator.
Kink Resistance specially designed for aspiration catheter Help to perform the case better.
Better Rapid exchange length 25 cm Rapid Exchange length.
Large Aspiration Lumen to facilitate quick aspiration.
Vackloc (Merit patented) Syringe Larger 60 ml aspiration syringe in compare of leading brands 30 ml Larger syringe help to extract more clotting In one run.
Additional Waste basin: We provide waste basin none of leading brand is providing this in Kit. This help the clinician doing aspiration smoother.
Price factor: Better than various brands available with reliable quality Cost efficient for Hospital and end user (Patient).


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