UneCath – Hemodialysis Catheter & Starter Kit

Newtech Medical Devices UNECATH dialysis Catheter is a reliable dialysis catheter that consistently delivers high flow rates with low venous and arterial pressures.



Features & Advantages:

Soft Tip

Newtech UNECATH Short term dialysis catheter has been able to Reduces trauma to vessel wall upon introduction and in-situ. The radiopaque catheter and tip facilitates vessel location when visualized by X-Ray.

Curved Extentions

The extension are curved for jugular vein approaches to make the catheter more comfortable for the patient.

Bio-Compatible Polyurethane Material

With new generation Biocompatible polyurethane material which is tested for toxicity and hemocompatability and this become softer in body.

Rotating Suture Wing

Rotating suture wing provides secure external anchoring catheter/vein interface.

Antimicrobial Heparin Cap

Specially made adaptor helps to avoid infection.

Multi-Lumen Available

Newtech’s Unecath short term dialysis catheter is available single, double, triple lumen for infant and adult.


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