Quadro Catheter

Quadro Catheter (Four lumen) is made of polyurethane, with IN-plug (Seldingertechnique). It is radiopaque, biocompatible PUR-catheter minimizes the contamination risk and so reduces the costs. Likewise, incompatible drugs or solutions can be infused separately in a quick and safe way. The soft tip minimizes the danger of vein perforation. The extremely smooth catheter surface prevents deposit of thrombi. The marker rings allow an exact positioning of the QuadroCath Clear. The individual lumina are colour-coded for safe identification.
NTM also provides Quadro catheter kit.


Features :

• Soft Tip: Reduces trauma to vessel wall upon Introduction.
• Radiopaque catheter: Better Optimal traceability due to this radiopaque catheter.
• Movable Clamp: To open and stop the flow through the catheter.
• Rotating Suture Wing: Better support while doing process.
• Antimicrobial heparin cap: Better Wall against Infection
• Side Hole on catheter: Help to get better flow.


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