Malecot Catheter

A Malecot catheter made of silicone rubber can be smoothly inserted due to its excellent elasticity. It is winged to ensure secure positioning.
Insertion is facilitated by means of guide wire. It also displays excellent performance not only on Percutaneous Nephrostomy but also on Cystostomy.

Category: Urology



Features & Advantages:

1. Easily expandable wings

When locked to a stylet, the wings are closely contacted to the shaft so that it may be inserted smoothly. When unlocked after insertion, they are extended automatically in four directions to secure the catheter in position.

2. Made of 100% Silicone

Made of 100% Silicone which is non-reactive to biological tissues, the malecot catheter is a low irritant to the tissues. Its design prevents rejection, decomposition, deterioration, and clogging even if retained over a lengthy period.

3. Exclusive stylet

An exclusive stylet reinforces the catheter so that its ease of insertion is further enhanced. Its smooth inner and outer surfaces allow the easy extraction of the stylet.

4. Convenient depth marks

The depth marks, graduated at an interval of 1cm allow the inserted length to be measured at a glance. Thereby enhancing safety during manual insertion.

5. All radiopaque

Being all radiopaque, the catheter can be inserted and extracted with much safety under X-Ray observation, and its retained location is also accurately monitored.

6. A variety of sizes available

A variety of sizes allow operators to apply the catheters to a wide range of cases, such as PTCD in addition to Percutaneous Nephrostomy and Cystostomy.


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