ESU Pencil Holster

Usage: Electrosurgical safety holster is used for placement of pencils when not in use
Advantage: With large clip for easy attachment to drape or stand
Size: 50×25×190mm
Model No.: ESU-PH
Color: Transparent
Transport Package: Sterile or in Bulk

Category: Other Surgical Products


Newtech’s ESU pencil holster provides the surgeon with a safer and time-saving option. The patented cleaning edge design inside the holster allows surgeons to wipe off carbonized tissue sticking on the tip electrode, reducing surgical time.

According to U.S. AORN and ECRI’s recommended practices for electrosurgery, a well-insulated safety holster shall be used to store the active electrode, preventing surgical fire or electrosurgical burn. Always place unused ESU active tip electrodes in a safety holster.


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