ClearLine-NC non-compliant balloon catheters are designed to perform the tough post-dilatation process after stenting procedure in PCI. With an extremely low balloon compliance and a high rate burst pressure even during excessive balloon inflation, ClearLine-NC catheter offers excellent safety profile for users.



• Designed to improve kink resistance.
• Seamless shaft to enhance push efficiency.
• High pressure resistance offering precise dilation force.

Ordering Information




CL2510NCOD: 2.5 mm10 mm
CL2512NCOD: 2.5 mm12 mm
CL2515NCOD: 2.5 mm15 mm
CL2520NCOD: 2.5 mm20 mm
CL2525NCOD: 2.5 mm25 mm
CL27510NCOD: 2.75 mm10 mm
CL27512NCOD: 2.75 mm12 mm
CL27515NCOD: 2.75 mm15 mm
CL27520NCOD: 2.75 mm20 mm
CL27525NCOD: 2.75 mm25 mm
CL3010NCOD: 3.0 mm10 mm**
CL3012NCOD: 3.0 mm12 mm
CL3015NCOD: 3.0 mm15 mm
CL3020NCOD: 3.0 mm20 mm
CL3025NCOD: 3.0 mm25 mm
CL3510NCOD: 3.5 mm10 mm
CL3512NCOD: 3.5 mm12 mm
CL3515NCOD: 3.5 mm15 mm
CL3520NCOD: 3.5 mm20 mm
CL3525NCOD: 3.5 mm25 mm
CL4010NCOD: 4.0 mm10 mm
CL4012NCOD: 4.0 mm12 mm
CL4015NCOD: 4.0 mm15 mm
CL4020NCOD: 4.0 mm20 mm
CL4025NCOD: 4.0 mm25 mm


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