Clear Guide

Comes with kink resistive, better coated shaft : polymer material and full length braiding provides excellent push ability and efficient torque transmission for outstanding handling. Soft tip designed to reduce potential for vessel trauma. Wide variety of curve styles for all possible anatomies. Used in Angioplasty for Cardiac patients and are designed to deliver PTCA Balloon or PTCA stents to selected sites in the coronary arteries or site of blockage in patient body.



Specifications :

Braided Pebax Tubing
• Kink Resistive
• Excellent surface smoothness
• Stable at body temperature
• Better flow rate due to thin wall-design construction

Shape Retention
• Due to our new shaping process catheter keeps it’s original shape even in long procedures.

Soft Atraumatic Tip
• Soft bumper tip provides atraumatic positioning within the vessel ostium
• Excellent tip memory
• Re-forms accurately time after time


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